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Personal Property Finder Service

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The personal property finder service in Estepona and La Costa del Sol

At the risk of stating the obvious here are a couple of facts that you should keep in mind…

  • Fact 1: It is a ‘Buyers Market’ at the moment here on the Costa del Sol and the most desirable properties are being searched for by more and more buyers.
  • Fact 2: Therefore desirable Properties do not stay on the market for long.
  • Fact 3: Most agents take your details but are often too busy to stay in touch properly which results in the buyer being shown completely unsuitable properties when they arrive to view.

With these facts in mind, it is essential that you as the buyer are able to act in a timely and effective manner in order to be successful in your property purchase.

That’s where we come in. We focus on the task every day and every week and work closely with you before you arrive until we have put together a shortlisted portfolio of relevant properties.

Your ideal property is out there, but needs to be diligently searched for, and when found, checked by us and viewed by you – promptly!

Careful Listeners

We will speak to you in depth, and will surely ask you questions, but above all we listen carefully, We get to know your needs and desires, and your spending budget, the size style and type of property, your preferred locations, outside space, transport and travel options, shopping, eating out, entertainment, recreation and leisure etc etc…

At regular intervals, you will be sent details of properties we have located and identified, then working on the agreed time scale, together with your feedback and input we refine our search so as to short-list a selection of likely properties to view.

When convenient to the buyer, a ‘viewings visit’ will be arranged, which might last for several days.

Sourcing Properties

As well as the massive inter agent shared databases of properties we have available, our search team is continuously scouring the area, seeking out, inspecting and short-listing suitable properties that suit our client’s needs.

We can even source homes which have not yet been placed on the market, or are ‘off-market’ opportunities where ‘no publicity’ has been requested.

We can locate other properties which are available but not on the ‘open market’ with an agency.

Local Knowledge

Our knowledge and many years of experience in buying properties and living here means we can give you unbiased information about the various areas on the coast, not just the properties but the surrounding areas.

  • Where would your teenage daughters be going out at night?
  • How would your elderly mother walk home from the beach?
  • These small details are sometimes as important as the property itself.

While we are showing our clients the short-listed properties, we introduce them to the area. What we do not already know, we find out about – again saving the buyer time and trouble.

Your Research Partner

Unless one of the properties is exactly what the client is looking for, we continue the search process until the right property is found.

  • Information vital to the buyer’s decision-making is not always available from an agent selling you his property we can obtain this vital information and give you unbiased advice on how to act on it.
  • An ‘asking price’ is only what the property owner is asking you to pay.
  • It may not be an accurate reflection of the real value of the property.
  • On occasions this price is set to high and on some occasions it is set to low.
  • We will insure that you get the best possible deal for the property you wish to purchase.
  • We make sure all your questions and concerns are thoroughly dealt with before recommending that an offer is made for the chosen property.

Making an Offer

Making an offer correctly and negotiating an agreed price is a skill, and can be crucial to securing the property.

A chosen property can often be lost due to competition from other buyers and delays in making an offer.
We are actively involved in the market at all times and are well respected by the major selling agents as serious agents with serious clients.
If you require it, we act quickly and can promote your interest in a property above other buyers.
We are experts in price negotiation and are at your side to help secure the right result – an agreed sale at a mutually agreed price, therefore pleasing our clients.

Support on Completion

Acceptance of your offer triggers the beginning of the ‘conveyancing’ process involving lawyers, sometimes mortgage companies, local authorities and other organisations. This process requires concentrated effort and experience, which we provide.

We have very strong relationships with tried and trusted independant legal firms who can best represent your interests whilst buying. You are of course welcome to chose your own legal representative.
Many agents complain that property purchases do not actually complete because of an error between the acceptance of the offer and the actual completion date.
This can be annoying and upsetting for a client. We do our utmost to ensure this doesn’t happen, and we can proudly say rarely does. We monitor every purchase continually, from the moment it has been agreed.
On completion, the purchase monies are paid over, the transaction is completed and notarised and the buyer takes possession of the property.

The After Care

Our buyers are often not available on completion day or immediately thereafter and complete the process via a Power of Attorney issued to their legal representative, in which case we can act as property managers for our clients.

This role covers many aspects including checking the property, collect keys and take meter readings.
Making a detailed inventory, transferring utility accounts, dealing with service companies, and if required prepare the property for occupation, either by the owner or by tenants.

We satisfy ourselves the property and its contents are in order, its operating systems are functioning, and we act as key-holders.
Other services such as improvement work, refurbishment and furnishing, can also be arranged by us, followed by rental services, if needed.

For more detailed information regarding after care services and the buying process please see the relevant sections on this website or ask us for details.
No request from a client is too great or too small – we pay attention to every detail. Our attention to detail and the ability to listen carefully to your requirements have been praised by many of our past clients.

See our ‘Testimonials‘ for a small selection of the references we have received from some of the clients who have used our Personal Property Finder Service.

Personal Property Finder Service

Ask us about our personal property finder service. Experience first hand the benefits of this cost free service.

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